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  43. C. distributed

Another beautiful description is the paragraphs in the Vancouver ferries them. He wrote that “Seagulls love ferries,too, and much fun can be had with a plate of French fries, tossing them up into the air into their beaks. The gulls fly at the same speed as the ferry, thus making them seem motionless. Then the other gulls catch on and it gets really brutal as they bite each other’s feet, all to get your French fries.” It is a piece of successful description, when I red this I felt that I was just in the scene. Acutely,it is very familiar scene for me too, but after I imagined that how I can write it, I found I could not use variable vocabulary to delivery the personality about them. After read his book, I have a better understanding about how to select the words and how to writing. And I felt visualization is really a good way for me, and it will be helpful if I could apply theme in my writing process.

       But Brazilians' indifference to books has deeper roots. Centuries of slavery meant the country's leaders long neglected education. Primary schooling became universal only in the 1990s. Radio was ubiquitous by the 1930s; libraries and bookshops have still not caught up. “The electronic experience came before the written experience,” says Marino Lobello, of the Brazilian Chamber of Books, an industry body。

City of glass is a book written by a Canadian author Douglas Copland. He wrote his hometown Vancouver with full of love. It is a good short essay collection with beautiful pictures, which can be a good guide book for the local culture. I heard of this book in a book review program 5 years ago, and it was introduced by a host I loved. But during that time, I did not find this book because it was published in 2000 and there was no digital version online. Last month, coincidently, I found this book is available in centennial college’s library, and I was just finished a trip ofVancouver, so without hesitation, I borrowed it.

  本空是该句谓语,缺动词。且与前句并列,而前句用的过去式,因此本空需动词过去式。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、F) launched(发射、发动)、G) named(取名、提名)、H) neglected(忽视)、L) quit(退出、辞职)、M) ranked(排名)和O) treasured(珍惜)。能与空后的18th构成合理搭配的只有ranked,表示“排在第18位”。另外前句描述的也是巴西的排名。

Writing is not a big thing, but writing in a good way is a long road to go, maybe a lifelong road.

  本空是该句谓语,缺动词。由于描述的是过去的日子,需要过去式。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、F) launched(发射、发动)、G) named(取名、提名)、H) neglected(忽视)、L) quit(退出、辞职)和O) treasured(珍惜)。本空后的专有概念National Plan for Books and Reading明显是个活动或计划之类,能与之构成合理搭配的只有launched,表示“发起了此计划”。

The book is quite easy to read and I can feel the writer has very good writing skills. It was quite like the writer is companying you side by side to walk around the city. He is friendly and knowledgeable, as a guest, you will like his witty narrating and let him lead you to his memory and nowadays comparison. The sentences in his book, shown a great observation and vocabulary about colours. In his book he wrote,“The sky in Vancouver has its own distinct tinge, just like London or LosAngeles-a milky grey colour that melts onto the steel blue mountain slopes.When watching TV movies, locals can almost always spot the ones filmed here simply because of the quality of the light.”(Coupland, 2000)

  本空位于名词后,应为后置定语,需要动词分词;by提示了这里需要过去分词。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、G) named(取名、提名)和L) quit(退出、辞职)O) treasured(珍惜)。这里意思合理的只有distributed,表示“被政府分发的书籍”。

       But reading is a difficult habit to form. Brazilians bought fewer books in 2004—289m, including textbooks distributed by the government—than they did in 1991. Last year the director of Brazil's national library quit after a controversial tenure. He complained that he had half the librarians he needed and termites had eaten much of the collection. Along with crime and high interest rates, that ought to be a cause for national shame。

  39. F. launched

       In rare accord, government, businesses and NGOs are all striving in different ways to change this. On March 13th the government launched a National Plan for Books and Reading. This seeks to boost reading, by founding libraries and financing publishers among other things. The Brazil Reader Institute, an NGO, brings books to people: it has installed lending libraries in two S?o Paulo metro stations, and is planning one in a Carnival samba school. It is starting to be common to see characters in television soap operas shown reading. Cynics note that Globo, the biggest broadcaster, is also a big publisher of books, newspapers and magazines。

  37. A. average

  本文选自2006年5月16日的经济学人:Brazil: A nation of non-readers http://www.economist.com/node/5636369

  40. E. expensive

  本空所在句不缺其它成分,该空应为副词。备选副词J) particularly(专门地、特别地)与N) simply(简单地、仅仅)中,simply符合句意“许多人仅仅是不想学着识字。”

       One discouragement to reading is that books are expensive. At S?o Paulo's book fair this week, “O Código Da Vinci” was on sale for 32 reais—more than a tenth of the official minimum monthly wage. Most other books have small print-runs, pushing up their price。