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  This phenomenon is definitely unhealthy and requires remedying. Naturally, measures should be taken in the three aspects mentioned above. For one thing, it is imperative that the school perfect its arrangement of courses. For another, teachers should be constantly urged to improve their work. Last but not least, students should be warned against some vicious trends in society and concentrate on their study. Only with these measures taken can we expect a solution of the problem.

Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community. They believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society as a whole.


Do you agree or disagree?

  A Curse Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

  A famous saying goes that “A curse can be a blessing in disguise”. Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound and thought-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell us that unfavorable conditions can one day prove to be favorable ones ant that we should not be indulged in depression after we have met setbacks.


  Actually, history abounds with examples to prove this saying. Taking a look around, we can also find examples too many to enumerate. Here I can think of no better illustration of the proverb than the experience of my own. Though performing well enough in the college entrance exam, I was only provided with the opportunity to enroll in a second-class university. However, I did not lose my heart. Instead, I found the remoteness and quietness of the campus a favorable condition for my study. In terms of English, I have passed CET-4 with a high score. Now I believe I can do the same with my CET-6.

Many young people work on a volunteer basis, and this can only be beneficial for both the individual and society as a whole. 

  Bringing what has been discussed into a conclusion, we may say that a curse can also turn into a blessing. So, one should not indulge himself in bitterness and complaint after he meets setbacks. What he really has to do is to seek opportunities and turn adversities into favorable conditions. In a word, we should truly understand the profound meaning of the proverb and take the right actions in our life and work in the future.

However, I do not agree that we should therefore force all teenagers to do unpaid work.


  December 14th, 2013

P1 Notes:

  Dear Sir or Madam,

work on

  I’m writing to lodge the complaint about the poor quality of an air conditioner that I purchased from Sun Appliance Company.

a volunteer basis = unpaid work = unpaid job

  Frankly speaking, Sun Appliance has always been my favorite. On December 4th, 2013, I bought the air conditioner (serial number 12345) from one of your chain stores. The machine operated well at first, but ten days later, there was a fault that bothered me, that is, the fan made so much noise that I could not sleep well at night. Worse still, the heating system didn’t work well and the machine began to leak recently. Its poor quality ruined almost all my previous impression toward your products.

young people = teenagers 

  I strongly suggest that a repairman should be sent to my home without delay. I wonder if you could find out the exact cause of the problem as soon as possible. If you can’t, I am afraid that I will request for full amount of refund or a new air conditioner.

be beneficial for 

  I would appreciate all your assistance in this matter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to your reply.

as a whole

  Yours Sincerely,

force sb to do sth

  Li Ming



  The Goal of Life

Most young people are already under enough pressure with their studies, without being given the added responsibility of working in their spare time. School is just as demanding as a full-time job, and teachers expect their students to do homework and exam revision on top of attending lessons every day. 

  A story goes that a disabled young man managed to reach the peak of every famous high mountain in the world before he was 28. He did all this just as his parents told him to do in their will. But the young man committed suicide in the end and his last words were: “now I have nothing to do with all my goals achieved and my fame well established. I have no new goals.”

When young people do have some free time, we should encourage them to enjoy it with their friends or to spend it doing sports and other leisure activities. 

  Simple as the drawing is, the message it conveys is profound and far-reaching. Evidently, it is meant to reveal the fact that, first, one should have a grand ideal and associate it with the needs of society, and secondly, one should have his own pursuits and should not follow others blindly.

They have many years of work ahead of them when they finish their studies.

  The story is especially instructive when we think of similar happenings around us. Some people, after making a fortune, feel empty and desperate, resorting to drugs or other low style of life. Still more young people do the same because they are in lack of lofty ideals and are only drifting with the tide.

  As far as I am concerned, I would like to devote myself to any cause that is beneficial to mankind. My short-term goal is to learn about environmental protection and find a job in this field. And I believe this is a meaningful and useful career. It is worth my life-long efforts. I will keep finding and attaining new goals in this field.

P2 Notes:


without being given the added responsibility 

  Good Manners

spare time = free time

  Good manners mean good behavior in social intercourse. For people to live in harmony, there should be some common rules to obey in society. Good-mannered individuals pay adequate respect for these rules. For instance, they would not smoke or talk too loudly while eating in a restaurant; nor would they jump in queue while waiting for their turn; neither would they sneeze without covering their mouth and nose.

be just as demanding as 

  A selfish man can never possess good manners. They tend to be self-centered, putting their own interest above all others’. Taking a look around, one can find examples too numerous to list. Some hold parties in deep night, seriously affecting their neighbors’ rest; others walk their dogs without chaining them, threatening the safety of passers-by; still others talk at a high voice on phone, totally ignoring the existence of people around them.

on top of 

  Then how to learn good manners? Personally, I believe measures can be taken in the following aspects. In the first place, it is the government’s duty to work out and enforce regulations and even laws to penalize those would severely infringe upon others’ rights through their selfish behavior. In the second place, a deep-going, widespread and ever-lasting campaign should be launched to elevate people’s level of social morality.

encourage someone to do sth or to do sth 


leisure activity

  Volunteering Activities

澳门皇家赌场,ahead of 

  No one can have failed to notice the fact that the past years witnessed an increasing number of volunteers in China. Taking a look around, one can find examples too many to enumerate. The largest and most notable group of volunteers might be those working for the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai Expo.

  Such volunteering activities are significant in many ways. First and foremost, they have undoubtedly contributed considerably to this society. As a newly emerging force, volunteers actually present collectivism and the virtue of helping others for fun in a new form. Secondly, by working as volunteers, the younger generation, especially college students, can broaden their horizons, enhance their capacities and associate themselves better with the society. Of course there exist some problems with these volunteering activities, such as lack of training and loose management of volunteers, but we have reasons to believe that they can be solved in the near future.


  Personally, I didn’t work as a volunteer in the earthquake or the Olympics for this reason or that. Nor did I have a chance to work for Shanghai Expo. But I am indeed touched by those voluntary deeds and I am determined to work as a volunteer for environmental protection from now on, which I deem of great importance nowadays.

At the same time, I do not believe that society has anything to gain from obliging young people to do unpaid work. 


In fact, I would argue that it goes against the values of a free and fair society to force a group of people to do something against their will. 

Doing this can only lead to resentment amongst young people, who would feel that they were being used, parents, who would not want to be told how to raise their children. 

Currently, nobody is forced to volunteer, and this is surely the best system.

P3 Notes:

at the same time

I do not believe that

society has anything to gain from 

oblige sb to do sth = force sb to do sth

I would argue that

it goes against that 

the values of a free and fair society 

do something against their will

lead to 


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